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For Data Processing, we use Datafile.
Chhagan Lal|54|Head of Family|Grocer|
Munni Bai|51|Wife|Housewife|
Rajinder Kumar|26|Son|Plumber|
Sushma Rani|24|Daughter in law|Teacher|
Abha Kumari|19|Daughter|Student|
Yash Pal|16|Son|Student|
Chhagan Lal    54    Head of Family    Grocer   
Munni Bai    51    Wife    Housewife   
Rajinder Kumar    26    Son    Plumber   
Sushma Rani    24    Daughter in law    Teacher   
Abha Kumari    19    Daughter    Student   
Yash Pal    16    Son    Student   
Munna    2    Grandson       
In last line, Occupation field is left empty as no value is applicable.
A datafile with above content on either side is called Text file. A Text file has fields - Name, Age, Relation, Occupation - and a delimitor. In left format, Delimitor is Pipe symbol ( | ), in right format Delimitor is Tab ( ).

Left format is simple to use. You are sure that Delimiter is a single character. Right format is confusing. The gap between two fields may look like 2-3 spaces, tab, or both. Such confusing datafile is hard to use. If you receive such file best thing is to open the file in Notepad or Wordpad and then use Find & Replace feature to convert into left format. While saving xls file as text file default delimiter is TAB - a bad thing for me.
Every data in datafile should be typed in single line. That is no issue in Notepad. In Wordpad, save datafile as txt type (not doc or docx).


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